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About the Company

Quantum interview’s advanced video interview system is powered by AI/VR and ML technology. You can get the true sense of the person behind the CV with our latest AI/VR based video interview application. Make quick and accurate hiring decisions with our AI-powered platform

Why Choose Quantum Interview?

Choosing the best candidate for the job is a daunting task for many HR teams. Our AI/VR platform eases this task by helping the HR teams to review candidate profiles and choose the best ones through a data-driven approach and predictive analysis.

Responsive Platform

Our AI/VR based interview platform is highly responsive. You can conduct the interviews anywhere, anytime irrespective of the device used by the interviewee.

Easy to Use

Our AI/VR based platform is extremely easy to use. It can also be integrated into your existing systems. The application can be used by your HR teams with minimal effort.

Highly Secure

We value the confidentiality and privacy of the clients. Our platform is highly secure and your data is safe with us. All the video interviews are encoded and stored safely. No one can access the videos without your permission.

Advanced Analytics

Screen talent from hundreds of candidate profiles using our predictive analysis tools. You can track user experience and impact using advanced AI.

24/7 Support

Our experienced team is always ready to support your HR teams. We are just a call away whenever you need our assistance.

Easy Collaboration

Our video interview platform is a boon to recruiters. It allows you to seamlessly collaborate with colleagues and clients and fasten decision-making. Review, shortlist and finalize candidates for your clients at one go through our state-of-the-art platform.

Perfect The Art of Acing Interviews and Get Your Dream Job

Quantum interview’s video interview practice system helps you to practice questions and polish your skill sets through question banks, advanced topics, and mock interviews. Practice how to polish your emotions and facial expressions, and impress the interviewers with smart answers to tricky questions.

Why You Should Choose Quantum Interview Preparation System?

Preparing for job interviews is a tough task for most of us. Our interview practice system is tailored to suit your requirements. You can learn, practice and perfect the art of acing interviews by answering question banks and attending mock practice interviews.

Industry-specific Topics

Choose your industry-specific question bank from hundreds of question banks available on our platform. Practice answering the questions with proper emotions and facial expressions to impress the interviewer. No matter what type of questions the interviewer throws at you, we have you covered. Our question banks consist of behavioral questions, competency-based questions, and industry-specific questions

Choose Your Level

Preparing for interviews is easy with our interactive interview preparation system. We have 4 levels namely beginner, intermediate, moderate and advanced. Select your level of expertise and get started with your interview practice.

Learn At Your Pace

Our video interview practices system lets you practice the lessons at your own pace. There is no pressure to complete the lessons all at once. Complete all the modules of the practice system all at once for an urgent interview, or take your time to go through the sessions one at a time. Our video interview lessons are customized to suit your industry, experience, and urgency.

Get Feedback

Complete the different modules and get instant feedback to hone your interview skills. You can polish your answers and be better prepared for the interview based on the feedback.

Prepare Your Students to Excel At Job Interviews

Organizations around the world trust Quantum Interview’s AI-based video interview program to train their students.

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Reasons Organizations Trust Quantum Interview

1. Develop Self-confidence

Our video interview questions are created by experts, who understand the dynamics of different types of interviews. We train the students and empower them with the right knowledge and confidence to overcome last-minute jitters and succeed at interviews.

2. Answer With The Right Attitude

Our advanced interview program trains students in various aspects of excelling at job interviews. They learn the knack of answering even the toughest questions with the right emotions, facial expressions, and body language.

3. Excel At The Interview

Quantum Interview’s video interview program is designed on the AI/ VR platform. Students can practice answering some of the most common questions asked at the interviews from the question banks and also test their knowledge through scheduling mock interviews.

4. Get The Dream Job

Our interview program prepares the students to present themselves in a compelling manner. They are trained to impress the interviewers with smart answers and right body language. This makes it easy for them to grab the coveted jobs in prestigious institutions.

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What Our Valuable Customers Says

" I was impressed as I would have declined the candidate for the role looking at his resume in comparison to the others... Only he completed the quantum interview. Just met with him and he’s awesome I definitely think he’ll get the role! "

" Quantum Interview was the only thing that worked for me! I found myself landing a lot of interviews, but it was so hard for me to articulate it in person or on the phone. I would finish interviews knowing I didn't come across the right way to convince the interviewer that I should move to the next step. It was so frustrating. "

" The Support was fantastic. Technical Interview was good. I came to know the type of questions asked in an interview & the subjects which need improvement. This is very useful for my Campus Placements. You guys are awesome! "

" Facing interviews was a nightmare for me before I got to know about Quantum Interview. The practice interview helped me overcome my fears and I am now placed in top notch company. I'm thankful to Quantum Interview for helping me face interviews with confidence. "

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Our great dream will help you to better understand this product.

Quantum interview’s interview system is designed keeping the interests of the students at the centre. Our team has experienced mentors, interview specialists and behavioral experts, who have designed an exhaustive platform to help students in interview preparation. Our video interview system is very user-friendly. Students can choose the topics they want to practise and start answering questions according to their level of expertise. They can share the interviews with mentors and peers to get feedback and suggestions. Our program is designed using the most latest AI tools. It is highly responsive and students can use any device to practise the question banks and attend mock interviews. Moreover, they can complete the question banks and schedule mock interviews at their own pace, depending on their requirement.


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